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Home-screw/fastener    Concrete screw    Zinced TX30 Cylinder Cap Head Concrete screw Masonry screw

Zinced TX30 Cylinder Cap Head Concrete screw Masonry screw

Newly-designed screws mostly used on concrete.Concrete screw Masonry screw.Window Frame Screw

Newly-designed screws mostly used on concrete.Concrete screw Masonry screw.Window Frame Screw

Zinced  TX30 cylinder cap head Door/  Window Frames Concrete Screw

Diameter 7.5 mm

Newly-designed screws mostly used on concrete, full masonry or perforated bricks for the fixture of doors and windows in aluminium, PVC and wood without the use of blocks or chemical compounds. Main field of application: doors and windows frames. Specific for aluminium or PVC frames.

Screw for window and door:
For the installation of the screw is not required any additional accessory, this allows rapid work progress, is advantageous from the economic point of view.

The reduced diameter of the tip enables an efficient installation, especially in case of installation in series.

The thread continues prevents that the window frame is pulled against the substrate, thus ensuring a permanently fixed without tensions.

The special thread-optimized, reduces the force required for screwing, this means that the installation process can be completed without undue effort.

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